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Repost: Good News, Bad News, Good News, Sad News....

The following is from saigh_allaidh also posted at sacredhorse and lj user="horselistening"> reposted by me on my journal and horse_slaughter and on my MySpace and Tribe accounts:

I'm delayed in getting this stuff out as this week kicked my butt, so I'm doing one post. Sorry I'm not citing where these first came from, because most are from multiple sources and I've not been able to keep track. One I actually found on the site when I was checking it out:

Good news: The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act HR 6598 passed the House Committee. Please contact your Reps! If you don't know where your Representatives stand, and therefore whether this is a plea or a "thank you, btw can you do anything to get this moving?" then please check out The Compassion Index LET'S GET THIS DONE!

Bad news: National Thoroughbred Racing Association withdraws support of Anti-Slaughter bill.

Good News: Suffolk Downs took action on their policy to not allow owners who use horse slaughter to run horses there! No, this was NOT just lip service. And this answers one key question many of us had "did this only mean those who directly sold to slaughter or include those who just clearly put their horses on the path to slaughter by selling at auction." They ousted an unnamed owner whose horses were found in the New Holland, PA auction pens.

Sad news: Strong anti-slaughter voice is silenced: John Hettinge died on Sept. 6 at age 74. A Jockey Club member he was one of the key voices in the racing world to stop slaughter and to improve the conditions for horses.

A new study: A Study of Equine Slaughter/ Abuse Patterns Following Closure of Horse Slaughter Plants in US Good evidence to dispute the "we need horse slaughter to get rid of the unwanted horses or more horses will be abused." Like previous studies, this shows quite the opposite..that it's the demand for horse meat from Europe that is the reason for slaughter and that abuse and neglect are primarily determined by economic factors. Unfortunately, it also clearly demonstrates that, thanks to transportation to Canada and Mexico, horse slaughter has NOT decreased.

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