Lysippe Archer (lysippe_archer) wrote in horse_slaughter,
Lysippe Archer

Oct 16 reminder

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you know the big organizations such as AQHA and the APHA are pro slaughter including farm bureau,AVMA and AAEP Even thou these last two Orgs have taken an Oath to protect Animals they now continue to fail to hault this butal and inhumane killings. We have for the time being started a Top Ten Rescues for Donations. Every month our group picks 10 Horse Rescues then they are placed on the website with the option to vote and donate to only one. There is a paypal on the site with the Horse Rescues Info website. So far this year we have awarded more than 2,600 dollars to at least 7 Rescues so far. like AC4Hs, lifelines, beautyequine, Horseincorp,Indiana Horse,HorseFeathers and our lastest Miracle Horse which claimed $586.00 last month. Our goal is to be Awarding 1,000 a month to the Winning Rescue of the month. Folks are invited to join our newsgroup to keep up what is going on and the info to hault horse slaughter for exported slaughter. The website is and the newsgroup is on there too. warning some photos are grahic so beware...