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Repost: Current House Bill can help stop horse slaughter!

The following is from saigh_alladh:

I ask all concerned to please contact their Representatives about H.R.6598. This would amend Title 18, United States Code, to prohibit certain conduct relating to the use of horses for human consumption.

What does that mean? It means another strike against the transporting of US horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter!

You can go to The Compassion Index and type in your zip code to get find out if your Representative is a co-sponsor and if they're record shows they might support this bill. If s/he is not, no matter what his/her record says, please let her/him know you want them to support it. And, please, if s/he IS a sponsor, send her/him a note and/or give a call thanking her/him.

Yes, right now they are on break. Wouldn't it be great if their aides presented them with a pile of notes and phone messages regarding this when the return to session? We need to get this stuff through this year!

BTW, for those of you who do own horses, I have taken to including the fact that as a horse owner I currently live in fear that my filly could be stolen and sent to slaughter. Because, honestly, I DO! We do need to get rid of the fiction that it is "unwanted" horses that go to slaughter, that this is somehow a substitute for taking care of our animals and humane euthanasia. It is NOT. Every horse in America is in danger as long as this exists, horse theft is too prevalent and most horses stolen go to slaughter as it's the quickest way to get rid of the evidence...and the reason most horse thieves steal. Let's make it clear, ALL our horses are in danger!

Cross-posted broadly, please repost or otherwise pass on the message!
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